LoadLibrary failed with error 87: wrong parameter

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LoadLibrary failed with error 87: wrong parameter



the OpenGl files and registry was damaged to its core, once i discovery the problem, it was much easier, but had to do a process in steps:

Be sure to have ADM rights.

1) download the CCC from AMD and drivers, execute, re-install ou not, doesnt matter, the .exe will extract the files into a folder called AMD, after that it will execute the setup.exe of this folder, you want exactly this file, but will be need this later. So just extract, and let the files on the AMD folder, doesnt need to execute the setup.exe

2) Download the Display Driver Uninstaller, ate least the version older versions will not full uninstall with the latest Catalyst Drivers,

3) Download CCleaner, can be free version, or a good registry cleaner

4) Update your Windows at least to the updates of July, some people belive that some updates was done because the latest Nvidia and ATI drivers, let install the updates, reboot

5) Check updates again, install , reboot (optional)

6) Turn off all firewalls, Antivirus or malware programs like Hitman Pro, this damn turn off, and from now on all of this must be turned off ALLWAYS, after reboots, doesnt matter if it is in safe mode or not.

7) Execute the Display Uninstaller, it will ask to reboot in safe mode, reboot, execute again the Dysplay Unintaller, let it do its magic, let reboot in normal mode

8) After the reboot, let Windows install all its drivers automacticaly, since the AMD drivers gonna, wait all process. Reboot in normal mode. If you do not let the windows install all its drivers, and jump thisstep, not all adresses in registry will be ordered, and problems can happen later when you install a new ATI package. After Win install its drivers, reboot in normal mode, sorry but you need to do that in proper to load everything that was installed.

9) Execute CCleaner in NORMAL MODE, for god sake, do not execute in safe mode ! Very important to do that in normal mode, since CCleaner can erase some important registry entries that wasnt loaded in safe mode, the damage can be big, so pay attention on this step. It will think that this entries are redundant, again do let execute in safe mode.

10) Reboot again in normal mode, sorry, you need to reboot, so Windows will load or not install or any adress that the CCleaner erase and is needed. This step is to make sure that you didnt made anything stupid, and to return to normal mode, or if a greater problem appears, that could be hardware, or sorry, a format solution.

11) Install the CCC, executing the setup.exe on AMD folder, let it install and reboot in normal mode.

12) Check a full OpenGL aplication, if it is working, like Total War Atilla.

13) Turn on, firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware programs.

14) Be happy, or be sad, if that didnt solved your problem, pretty sure, you need to execute the Antivirus program and malware programs, than repeat, if still didnt solved, sorry my friend, but pretty sure it will be a format solution, or even worse, a hardware problem, in this last case, bluescreens like the Death Bluescreen is a commom event.


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