Authentication Server

The Authentication Server controls access to WWII Online's game servers. When this is offline you will be unable to login and access the game, as it acts as the "gateway" for all new incoming connections.

During these times Playnet staff is likely aware of it and working on a rapid solution. Keep checking every 20-30 minutes.

Be sure to check your account is also active at If your account is active but you're unable to access the game server it is very likely that the Auth Server is temporarily offline, which is rare but happens.

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    Ok i have reset the pass word    that was yesterday  upgraded today  all this ok because as you know you have to have all the right stuff to do that as in members  name   bart,  password, player name sammy109   and the updated ver.   AND IT STILL WONT LET ME ON LINE TO PLAY why is that?

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    I dont gain verification mail can somebody help me on game wwII online

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    My account don’t sign in

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    I am banned 6999 days and 21h I don't know why

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